Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stealing Hearts and Zombie Pride

I have had a very Busy 24hrs. I have Read 2 of thee BEST Anthology's to date. Not only were they Well written and toe curlingly awesome One of the Anthology's profits will go to Stopping E-piracy.

The First Book i want to Review and talk about is Stealing my Heart By 7 of the Most Talented, Openly Fan loving writers i have had the privilege to meet online and at least one in person.(click the picture to go to Total-E-Bound to buy it) Carol Lynne, AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly, Jaime Samms, Serena Yates, Jambrea Jo Jones, Stephani Hecht, and the Sexy Cover Model Adam Killian came together and wrote 7 of the most heart touching Stories that will make you weep and cheer for joy

Stolen Memories by Carol Lynne
In this book we meet Aden and Victor. Aden Had just lost the last of his family and wanders into Victor's years one evening before he is shipped off to live with an aunt and uncle in Arizona. Victor promises the young boy that when he returns home after college his home would be waiting for him. Fast forward Aden is now an Adult with a Missing past and an asshole for a boyfriend who is pirating Aden's books in order to control and manipulate him. a fight in sues and Aden finds himself in Victors home and no idea how he got there. Without giving a lot away Victor hold the key to Aden's missing past but are some secrets meant to be left in the past. Before Aden and Victor can have a future together the past must be dealt with and Aden will have to come to terms with things he didn't know about himself and decide can he embrace the weird things around him.
I love Carol's books she has always brought a sense of realism into her books. No matter what she writes me makes you think and feel. she is talented and a blessing to the e-writing world. Like all of her books I loved it and couldn't put it down

Stealing Rain by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

There comes a time in the future were rain becomes something of memories and Water goes to the highest bidder. Here A.J and D.J our Dynamic Duo team up and weave a tail about Drew and Trace. Drew threw away a promising life with the military to find his own fortune wanting thing more to do it with the love of his life
Trace. However trace fearing his family and tradition refuses to go with Drew and breaks no one his own heart but Drew's too. Years later they met again when Drew and his crew show up at a place they shouldn't be. Can out Pirate and Captain put aside the past, imprisonment, blackmail and kidnapping and move forward to a future together? AJ and DJ have done it yet again and have and do truly earned the term Dynamic Duo. Everything they write together is awesome,sexy and breath taking.

Hotwired Heart by Jaime Samms

Can Grand Theft Auto gone wrong lead to love,understand and acceptance? In Hotwired love Marky is convinced by an ex lover and friend that just one more job would get them out of the greenbacks. However the heist goes horribly wrong leaving one dead and Marky on the run.Marky crosses the tracks per say ending up in a high class BDSM club. When he get in over his head and the greenbacks track him to the club our hunky brash hero Roland comes in Cuffs a blazing and steals Marky's heart and shows him that there is more to life than gangs, cars and shootings. Jaime weaves a wonderful tale that shows alot of insight and hot sex.

The Magic Thieves by Serena Yates

Elryk Muyd'omir is the most powerful lightning wizard born on Tah'Nut in two hundred years and a pacifist. he hide on earth with no magic till he knew it was time to face his punishment for running away. Kaythan Vs`urr is the Law Force Commander send to retrieve the wayward criminal wizard. knowing the that the people who sent him needed to be stopped but how was a man to convince this stunningly handsome Wizard he was here to help him not hurt him. When they Jump through the portal home not only takes them somewhere other than were he figures he should be but also triggers something within them that has been rumored to not have happened in 200yrs. Can they stop the unstoppable and find love as Eleyk strives to revive his magic. Serena weaves for us a Magic tale full of love, devotion and magic.

Stealing Michael by Jambrea Jo Jones

Robert Breaks into a house to steal a painting on his mothers orders. What he didn't realize was his mother sent him to the wrong house. Micheal Wakes up to find himself tied to a chair and faces what he can only describe as a Dirty Angel holding him captive. Can Robert let go of the hold his mother has on him and see Micheal as the man who can help him or will Robert Steal Micheal's heart as well? Only Jambrea could have made a Break in sound sexy and show us sometimes the only thing a person needs is understanding and a second chance.

Dragon's Eye by Stephani Hecht

For 10yrs all Duncan wanted was to get his dragon's eye back and return home. His tormentor dies and he see's His chance to take back what is his. Than in comes Trent his tormentors son and secret love for the last decade. Can Duncan trust this sorcerer's son be trusted or will all be lost to a evil even worse than Trent's dad. OMFG this was one of those stories with so many Twist and turns that i hope that Stephani turns it into a long story and writes more!!!

There wasn't one story in this anthology that i didn't Love!!! If you love great Happily ever afters, and believe in your heart of hearts believe that E-book piracy is wrong PLEASE GO out and Buy this book!! Support Your Favorite Writers and show them you care about them and their Writing!!

Now let Move on to what took over my Monday Morning.. This Book had me from page one. I ignored Children and my SO Till i finished it and the First words out my mouth when I was done was HOT DAMN!!!! If You Love a Good Zombie Love story then I Highly Recommend My Zombie Pride By AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly, Stephani Hecht (click Picture to go to the web page)

What would you do if you found out the man you loved was a Zombie and was willing to share his secret with the world? You'd Have With This Ring By AJ Llewellyn. Now when i started reading this i was beginning to think that life was Imitating art. Its about a writer in LA looking for that big Hook and He finds with with his boyfriend. Let me explain Darren our wonderful writer is on a time crunch. He has a great pitch for a TV Reality show However he is also dealing with his on again off again moody brooding Cello playing Boyfriend Jude. He is handsome, Loves sex and can stay hard for long periods of time. However he is also hiding a deep dark secret one that will either tear them apart or have ratings soaring. You be the Judge. I LOVED this short from AJ.. However i should warn you for a little while there i really thought that He was writting about himself and His partner the other half of the Dynamic Duo DJ.. Than i thought about it. It couldn't be DJ i am sure There is nothing Zombie like about Him.. *snickers*

What do you get when you cross a Pissed off Voodoo King, a Sexy Son of a Rich Man and a Vampire? That would Be DJ Manly's Louisiana Lust. Voodoo King Moudoca wants Craven and what Moudoca wants Moudoca gets. or does he??? In this latest Awesome DJ Story we find out poor Craven in a Fix. Murdered and tossed into the Swamps of the big easy to become a Zombie fuck toy for a Sadistic Voodoo King who doesn't like the word NO!! Well something comes along and spoils all the fun and creates some new fun. This is a page turner..

Last But Never least
Stephani Hecht shows us what a little Salt can do for the Undead. In Salting Zombies we meet Avery a 2010 kinda guy and Christian a very 1984 kinda guy. when an Evil government group releases the bad Zombies into the compound were they have been housed its up to them to get out and find Avery's Ragtag rebels to save the day. What makes Christian so special and unlike the other Zombies.. well you'll just have to salt some animal brains and curl up with a good Book like this one and find out.

I love to read and i was so wrapped up in these books i lost sleep and time with my family and it wasn't a hardship. i would give up time energy and money for any of these writers. i highly suggest you run out and get these books and the many others these writers have out.

Love Lust and Lolly pops