Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Your Ordinary Princess

OK for those of you who don't know me or for the sake of this blog are new to my world... up till like today I have been a full time student working on her bachelor’s in Multi Media and Web Design. I am waiting the results of my appeal to see if I will be allowed to return to class tomorrow. Long story Short the D I got in my Photo Shop Class dropped my GPA down too low and now I maybe screwed. Somehow I am not that surprised and chalk it up to the long list of screw jobs I have gotten over the years. I am not saying it’s all someone else fault there needs to be some blame at my own feet and I am a big enough girl to know I am a fuck up thank you very much. However I got an ass chewing for something I never should have gotten and I was done wrong on a few levels. I was scared to do my project because it offended someone... Now normally I would tell the person to go fuck themselves but in this case I was trying to take the higher road... it blew up in my face and I had not only my mothering challenged but my Ethics, Morals and beliefs challenged and belittled.. All because I choose to pick a book about 2 men who would go to the ends of the world to save their family They are 2 of the hottest guys in books and written by one of the greatest gay erotic fiction writers in the world. I was Thrilled to be allowed to pretend to make his book into a DVD cover and Website. BTW I got a crappy grade I don't think it deserved because the website and the DVD cover were supposed to look alike... Hello in the real world do Movie DVD covers Look like the Movie Website??? I don't think so!!! I thought the teacher at least was going to grade my roughs but she didn’t... not that it would save me because sadly it won’t bring my GPA up enough... I am a good girl I try hard... I am what I am and I don’t want to change who or what I am... I don’t think I should to get by in school... I spent the last 4 terms playing nice... I use my clothed pictures of guys instead of the naked ones and I am super aware to no offend... So this semester threw me and threw me hard... I have lost my will to fight to write and to just be me... I still to this day do not understand what I did or said that offended this woman and sadly I don’t think I ever will... If I get to return to classes I have 2 ethics classes and a math this term... little known fact my ethics aren’t normal either lol... So this not so ordinary princess has her tiara in a knot and doesn’t know what to do... any thoughts feelings or suggestions?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainbows and AJ Llewellyn

One of my Favorite Writers Released a new Book Called Track Book One of the Children Of the Rainbow.

A.J. has ones again out done himself. Track, the lover of Paden, has assumed human form after the pair meets in the book Paden (Book 14, Phantom Lover series). Track tells Paden they can be together, but their love exacts a price…one that Paden is soon to learn can be dangerous and potentially deadly.

The thing about AJ Llewellyn when he writes about Hawaii you cannot mistake his love of the islands, their traditions and his need to bring up into this world and show us the old and sometimes forgotten ways. For me at least i am surrounded by the sites the sounds and the smells of the island... it's the closet i will get to a Hawaiian vacation. This Spin off of His Phantom Lover Series is as touching, heart wrenching and exciting as Phantom Lover was. I think that everyone will have a hard time putting this book down till the end.

I adore AJ's books i have yet to read one that i don't love and hoard like the worlds worst hoarder. AJ makes me want to go to Hawaii and backpack through all the islands and see all the old hidden temples and places most dont want to see...

You can buy the book here

Monday, September 20, 2010

Feeding my Porn Addiction

Today's Thought

There is honestly very little in this world that pisses me off... I am a fairly easy going person. I can live with the fact that not everyone will agree me and that I can live peacefully with that... However I have sadly learned something over the last 3months.... I AM NOT NORMAL!!! Ok I honestly knew that already but my parenting and mothering skills have been thrown into the mix as well... Let me give a little background. About 3 months or so ago I returned to a Parenting Board called CafĂ© Mom. Now over all it’s an ok place for moms to hang out but I left for about a year because of stupid people. When I say leave I just logged out and never logged in... Well in that time I got to know a lot of woman who love Gay erotic fiction, started chatting with writers of Gay Erotic Fiction and opened a Twitter account were I met and chat with a lot of wonderful gay men. So I was under the impression because I knew so many women like me that we are normal.... For heavens knows why I decided to log back in after a yr away. All I can say is HOLY FKING shit!!! I have never seen so many closed minded backwards, Ignorant mothers in the world... They hate my half naked men, they hate my writing I was told that I was a sophomoric writing hack... Now I know I will never never never ever have the talent or the Skill that Writers like AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly, Carol Lynne, JP Bowie and John Simpson have but damn it I am good!!! There are woman on that board who do nothing but misquote the bible and spread hate and crap... They have gone out of their way to make sure that anyone of the mom's on this board who are Lesbians or Bi are discredited and run off... The Mod's hands are tied and the Admins ignore them because rumor has it this place is run by Anglo Christians with closed minds. These women have made me feel like because I encourage my children to love who they want to love and to be open minded and accepting of all people that I am bad. Or because I don't view Porn as the end of the world... I said something and I mean it... IF any of kids grow up to be Porn stars or Strippers I am ok with it... Is it what I want for them No... Do I know the hazards of the Jobs yes... Do I feel that if they know someone is in their corner supporting them they might make better choices yes? I ask myself often why I stay... I stay because I refuse to let anyone chase me away and I have some wonderful friends there... I just hate hate hate how these women can make me feel sometimes. I personally would love to stick it to CM and these women by overrunning the place with Gays and Lesbians and give them a run for their mommy and to show them how wrong they are... The Straw that broke the Camel’s back for me today was I posted some Commercials about how Same sex Marriage have the same issues as regular Marriage.. I called it The Problem With Same Sex Marriage (click this link you should be able to see it without joining Most of the comments where wonderful until this one and I have removed the names to protect the ignorant
"The problem with Gay Marriage is....There is no commitment. Nuff said : ) Most homosexuals may be married yet are in other beds with another and either don't see a problem with it".
Now let’s be serious that is the stupidest, ignorant statement I have ever heard. This group and some of these woman are just *grrrr* now yes I know that this is online I have the power to control this but I mean their hate and ignorance just saps my will to chat!!

Enough Ranting thanks for listening



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Review of an AWESOME AJ Llewellyn Book

The Sex Ring By A.J Llewellyn

The Sex Ring is yet another book in a long Line of Great; Awesomely Amazing books my A.J Llewellyn. This book I think is one of this best yet not only because it takes place in his world but speaks volumes about how we as people under estimate the intelligence of our porn stars. Also I think it shows us that sometimes our own Guilt, failed pasts and the power of those who we loved and lost can sometimes over even death to make things right in our world.
Kristofer Edan doesn’t believe in ghosts… so why does he suddenly feel compelled to do, say and act in ways this shy young man never had in the past. Now the Proud owner of a Vintage Leather coat that once belonged to the late great Artist Rafeal Ortiz that comes with an Added surprise a beautifully designed Cock Ring hanging from its Epaulette. Having been graced with the Jacket in a second chance bid his new “toy” conjures up sexual dreams, hauntingly beautiful paintings and a love he never thought he would find or deserve after being left at the Altar.

A.J takes up into a world that is real and honest. He touched bases on things that make sense and really make you stop and take note of your own life and things going on in it. Of course there is hot dirty kinky sex… Just enough to keep you panting and wanting more… AJ has never ever disappointed me in his writing and this book is just one of his many many many stunningly beautiful. I love that He talks about real porn stars and real problems they have once they retire, make a comeback or just do what it that they do. We as normal people think that porn stars are just that sex addicts who love what they do… Ok well Most do love what they do what we as a people fail to see sometimes is that there is way more to them than sex.. Some of the greatest porn stars are Smart, stunningly intelligent and have talents outside of the bedroom. This book reminded me of that and for that I would like to thank AJ for that reminder.

For those of you who didn’t enjoy this book I think you should read it again with an open mind and see that sometimes it take a kick from the beyond to give us the strength to move on and find the things in our lives that we truly love and want.
AJ thank you for yet another book to treasure

Silver Pixies

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stealing Hearts and Zombie Pride

I have had a very Busy 24hrs. I have Read 2 of thee BEST Anthology's to date. Not only were they Well written and toe curlingly awesome One of the Anthology's profits will go to Stopping E-piracy.

The First Book i want to Review and talk about is Stealing my Heart By 7 of the Most Talented, Openly Fan loving writers i have had the privilege to meet online and at least one in person.(click the picture to go to Total-E-Bound to buy it) Carol Lynne, AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly, Jaime Samms, Serena Yates, Jambrea Jo Jones, Stephani Hecht, and the Sexy Cover Model Adam Killian came together and wrote 7 of the most heart touching Stories that will make you weep and cheer for joy

Stolen Memories by Carol Lynne
In this book we meet Aden and Victor. Aden Had just lost the last of his family and wanders into Victor's years one evening before he is shipped off to live with an aunt and uncle in Arizona. Victor promises the young boy that when he returns home after college his home would be waiting for him. Fast forward Aden is now an Adult with a Missing past and an asshole for a boyfriend who is pirating Aden's books in order to control and manipulate him. a fight in sues and Aden finds himself in Victors home and no idea how he got there. Without giving a lot away Victor hold the key to Aden's missing past but are some secrets meant to be left in the past. Before Aden and Victor can have a future together the past must be dealt with and Aden will have to come to terms with things he didn't know about himself and decide can he embrace the weird things around him.
I love Carol's books she has always brought a sense of realism into her books. No matter what she writes me makes you think and feel. she is talented and a blessing to the e-writing world. Like all of her books I loved it and couldn't put it down

Stealing Rain by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

There comes a time in the future were rain becomes something of memories and Water goes to the highest bidder. Here A.J and D.J our Dynamic Duo team up and weave a tail about Drew and Trace. Drew threw away a promising life with the military to find his own fortune wanting thing more to do it with the love of his life
Trace. However trace fearing his family and tradition refuses to go with Drew and breaks no one his own heart but Drew's too. Years later they met again when Drew and his crew show up at a place they shouldn't be. Can out Pirate and Captain put aside the past, imprisonment, blackmail and kidnapping and move forward to a future together? AJ and DJ have done it yet again and have and do truly earned the term Dynamic Duo. Everything they write together is awesome,sexy and breath taking.

Hotwired Heart by Jaime Samms

Can Grand Theft Auto gone wrong lead to love,understand and acceptance? In Hotwired love Marky is convinced by an ex lover and friend that just one more job would get them out of the greenbacks. However the heist goes horribly wrong leaving one dead and Marky on the run.Marky crosses the tracks per say ending up in a high class BDSM club. When he get in over his head and the greenbacks track him to the club our hunky brash hero Roland comes in Cuffs a blazing and steals Marky's heart and shows him that there is more to life than gangs, cars and shootings. Jaime weaves a wonderful tale that shows alot of insight and hot sex.

The Magic Thieves by Serena Yates

Elryk Muyd'omir is the most powerful lightning wizard born on Tah'Nut in two hundred years and a pacifist. he hide on earth with no magic till he knew it was time to face his punishment for running away. Kaythan Vs`urr is the Law Force Commander send to retrieve the wayward criminal wizard. knowing the that the people who sent him needed to be stopped but how was a man to convince this stunningly handsome Wizard he was here to help him not hurt him. When they Jump through the portal home not only takes them somewhere other than were he figures he should be but also triggers something within them that has been rumored to not have happened in 200yrs. Can they stop the unstoppable and find love as Eleyk strives to revive his magic. Serena weaves for us a Magic tale full of love, devotion and magic.

Stealing Michael by Jambrea Jo Jones

Robert Breaks into a house to steal a painting on his mothers orders. What he didn't realize was his mother sent him to the wrong house. Micheal Wakes up to find himself tied to a chair and faces what he can only describe as a Dirty Angel holding him captive. Can Robert let go of the hold his mother has on him and see Micheal as the man who can help him or will Robert Steal Micheal's heart as well? Only Jambrea could have made a Break in sound sexy and show us sometimes the only thing a person needs is understanding and a second chance.

Dragon's Eye by Stephani Hecht

For 10yrs all Duncan wanted was to get his dragon's eye back and return home. His tormentor dies and he see's His chance to take back what is his. Than in comes Trent his tormentors son and secret love for the last decade. Can Duncan trust this sorcerer's son be trusted or will all be lost to a evil even worse than Trent's dad. OMFG this was one of those stories with so many Twist and turns that i hope that Stephani turns it into a long story and writes more!!!

There wasn't one story in this anthology that i didn't Love!!! If you love great Happily ever afters, and believe in your heart of hearts believe that E-book piracy is wrong PLEASE GO out and Buy this book!! Support Your Favorite Writers and show them you care about them and their Writing!!

Now let Move on to what took over my Monday Morning.. This Book had me from page one. I ignored Children and my SO Till i finished it and the First words out my mouth when I was done was HOT DAMN!!!! If You Love a Good Zombie Love story then I Highly Recommend My Zombie Pride By AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly, Stephani Hecht (click Picture to go to the web page)

What would you do if you found out the man you loved was a Zombie and was willing to share his secret with the world? You'd Have With This Ring By AJ Llewellyn. Now when i started reading this i was beginning to think that life was Imitating art. Its about a writer in LA looking for that big Hook and He finds with with his boyfriend. Let me explain Darren our wonderful writer is on a time crunch. He has a great pitch for a TV Reality show However he is also dealing with his on again off again moody brooding Cello playing Boyfriend Jude. He is handsome, Loves sex and can stay hard for long periods of time. However he is also hiding a deep dark secret one that will either tear them apart or have ratings soaring. You be the Judge. I LOVED this short from AJ.. However i should warn you for a little while there i really thought that He was writting about himself and His partner the other half of the Dynamic Duo DJ.. Than i thought about it. It couldn't be DJ i am sure There is nothing Zombie like about Him.. *snickers*

What do you get when you cross a Pissed off Voodoo King, a Sexy Son of a Rich Man and a Vampire? That would Be DJ Manly's Louisiana Lust. Voodoo King Moudoca wants Craven and what Moudoca wants Moudoca gets. or does he??? In this latest Awesome DJ Story we find out poor Craven in a Fix. Murdered and tossed into the Swamps of the big easy to become a Zombie fuck toy for a Sadistic Voodoo King who doesn't like the word NO!! Well something comes along and spoils all the fun and creates some new fun. This is a page turner..

Last But Never least
Stephani Hecht shows us what a little Salt can do for the Undead. In Salting Zombies we meet Avery a 2010 kinda guy and Christian a very 1984 kinda guy. when an Evil government group releases the bad Zombies into the compound were they have been housed its up to them to get out and find Avery's Ragtag rebels to save the day. What makes Christian so special and unlike the other Zombies.. well you'll just have to salt some animal brains and curl up with a good Book like this one and find out.

I love to read and i was so wrapped up in these books i lost sleep and time with my family and it wasn't a hardship. i would give up time energy and money for any of these writers. i highly suggest you run out and get these books and the many others these writers have out.

Love Lust and Lolly pops


Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Personal Review of After Arsenic and Rio by DJ Manly


If the person you loved most in this world was ordered to poison you to death by a sick Sadomasochistic idiot could you forgive him? This is a Question Angelo's has to ask himself when he has to return to try and keep a maniac in jail. Seeing Marshall again after years had passed reinforced that he never really gotten over the man. Marshall has tried to move on with his life. He thought he had done a fairly good job with it too. Opening his own art store. Buying a house with his lover of 2 yrs. He knew he would never get over his angel but he had to try. When the person who caused them all this pain might make parole than escapes prison they get a second chance at being together. Or Do they??? Well I aint telling!! You are going to have to go to

or to get this book and find out what happens. I however suggest you read Arsenic and Rio first because I think it will give you a better understanding into the why of some things. I however never do anything the easy way and read the last book first. DJ is a Master story teller. Weaving Love lust hot man sexy and romance into a heart wrenchingly awesome story. He is one of my top 5 favorites. He is another writer that I truly believe could never write a bad book. If you want a good tear jerking nail biting suspense. DJ will take you places you didn't think you could go. I cannot recommend this book enough! You have to go out and Read it!! It is as are any of DJ's books a MUST MUST MUST READ!



Love Lust and Lolly pops



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Signs and other things I find amusing

Ok as I hope you can see I love silly little signs. The Rainbow one that I have inserted is one of my Favorites. I don't know why but I find it amusing. I find that I find a lot of things most people don't. I have a morbid sense of what is funny and I wish I knew were all my other signs and sayings were ( I have an external hard drive that they are most likely sitting on and it's too big of a PITA to go hunting installing and hunting on. Let's move in to words (this is going to be a very Random Blog of things that were induced by my taking my Bi Polar Medication today to help me over a hump) Ok I Love the term Faghag I use it on various sites to describe myself when I am not saying I am a gay man trapped in a 36yrs mom's body. I have just recently learned that the term is not one people like. It's supposed to be a derogatory term. Darling's I can think of worse things to be called. Some woman hate the terms Bitch, Cunt, Whore, etc. I love them I strive to be them!! This does lead me into how are you supposed to blog? I had a friend tell me I did it wrong. I write my Blogs like I am talking to someone who is in the room sitting with me and will answer back. Well honestly I am talking to someone... well people. Mostly the voices in my head and I blame them often for things and as long as they stay in my head and so as I tell them to all is good. In case my dear readers you haven't figured it out I am NUTS, Crazy, Fruit Cake Etc. I am proud to have Voices. Without them my Wolves wouldn't have come out to play. I wouldn't be the person my friends love and enemies fear! I have worked at this for 36yrs... I have it down to a science. Ok this is a Random Blog with no Propose other than to ramble to quiet my voices lol. My Next Blogs with Have Meaning!! I am going to Blog about all the writers I love and Need more people to buy their books. OH OH OH and there will be all those Blogs I have in me about the not so Sexy E-book Pirates!! So for now Remember

Be The Type of Person That When Your feet Hit the Floor in the morning the Devil Screams SHIT she's/he's up!!!!!

Love, Lust, and Lolly Pops


Monday, February 22, 2010

Not So Sexy E-book Pirates

March 1st some Wonderful writers and people i consider friends are releasing an Anthology Call "Stealing My Heart" Thus named because the proceeds will go to putting a stop to E-book Theft and help educate the people out there that Astatalk,Demonoid and the likes are Literally Stealing the hearts of hearts. All these wonderful books that we love and adore are someones heart. They pour their hearts and souls into what they write and people upload these books to these sites and don't think about how much money is being lost daily by doing it. its not just one book here and there 20-30 books add up after a times. A lot of these writers are parents with kids who are looking Hundreds of Dollars daily by these actions. Its Not like you saying OMG Sue i read this great book here borrow it and tell me what you think.. Electronic books are not like paperbacks you can't just give them away. I am also seeing what people fail to realize is the government is cracking down on this and it isnt the companies that are being handed Jail time and Fines its the little people doing the downloading. Believe it or not You will get caught You will face Jail time and You will have to pay a Fine for every single fine you downloaded and or shared. Its just a matter of time. These Hosting sites have pissed off enough people who are now doing something. Everyone and everything on these sites are reported to the government and if you push the government hard enough they will start going after the little people. I am not perfect and I will tell anyone who asks that i am a reformed Pirate. I didnt know i was hurting people. Maybe because i can put faces to the names on these books that it matters to me or maybe i just woke up and realized i wouldnt want People taking something i worked hard to do and give it away. would you like to see your hard earned money stolen from your pay check? i mean Taxes Rob us enough as it is. I attached the cover to the new Book at the top of my rant. The very hot and sexy Cover Models Name is Adam Killian. He donated His time and Energy to pose for the cover for Free Because He cares For the Cause. Do you care enough to help too??

The Book will be Out March First at

Carol Lynn can be found at the following Places

AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly can be found at

Jambrea Jo Jones
Stephani Hecht as well as the others can be found at the same publishing companies as well

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Personal Review of Paden A.J Llewellyn’s Last Book in the Phantom Lover Series

This for me has been and will be the hardest book I have ever tried to review. Not because the Book was bad. Honestly AJ Llewellyn couldn't ever write a bad book but because the book plain and simply just took my breath away. The Love that you find in the entire series is fundamentally earth shaking. You don't not see that kind of unconditional love in many family's or relationships this day and age often. To understand what I mean you will have to read the 14 other books that lead in Paden. I also do not want to give a lot away either. This is one of those series of books you have to read from the start to understand how we got to where we are now. However the short and sweet of it is simply what a true fathers love is capable of. Paden is Lopaka's Father a man thought to have abandoned him. (You will see in earlier books that our darling Lopaka has abandonment issues that are not unwarranted) Paden's sudden and much needed return into his life was brief but a promise that he made at the end of Na Hiku. A promise he would have given up his immortality to keep. His love for his family was so deep that he was given a chance to keep his promise and save the lives of the family he had come to love more than his own life. Now without giving anything else away I want to say something on a more personal note. This Book took my breath away. All of A.J's books are breath takenly beautiful but this one made my heart ache and at times really had me worried. The ending was as I had hoped. Open enough so that AJ can as I hope he will keep weaving tales of Paden's second chance with his family and with love now that he has accepted who and what he is. I expect to see Paden grow into himself and his powers. AJ is now and always will be at least in my own heart the keeper of Secrets and teller of tales.


Thank You again AJ for yet another wonderful book that is sure to be Number one on that charts as it is in the hearts of all of your beloved readers



Cover Model Adam Killian (Also Paden on AJ's books)