Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Signs and other things I find amusing

Ok as I hope you can see I love silly little signs. The Rainbow one that I have inserted is one of my Favorites. I don't know why but I find it amusing. I find that I find a lot of things most people don't. I have a morbid sense of what is funny and I wish I knew were all my other signs and sayings were ( I have an external hard drive that they are most likely sitting on and it's too big of a PITA to go hunting installing and hunting on. Let's move in to words (this is going to be a very Random Blog of things that were induced by my taking my Bi Polar Medication today to help me over a hump) Ok I Love the term Faghag I use it on various sites to describe myself when I am not saying I am a gay man trapped in a 36yrs mom's body. I have just recently learned that the term is not one people like. It's supposed to be a derogatory term. Darling's I can think of worse things to be called. Some woman hate the terms Bitch, Cunt, Whore, etc. I love them I strive to be them!! This does lead me into how are you supposed to blog? I had a friend tell me I did it wrong. I write my Blogs like I am talking to someone who is in the room sitting with me and will answer back. Well honestly I am talking to someone... well people. Mostly the voices in my head and I blame them often for things and as long as they stay in my head and so as I tell them to all is good. In case my dear readers you haven't figured it out I am NUTS, Crazy, Fruit Cake Etc. I am proud to have Voices. Without them my Wolves wouldn't have come out to play. I wouldn't be the person my friends love and enemies fear! I have worked at this for 36yrs... I have it down to a science. Ok this is a Random Blog with no Propose other than to ramble to quiet my voices lol. My Next Blogs with Have Meaning!! I am going to Blog about all the writers I love and Need more people to buy their books. OH OH OH and there will be all those Blogs I have in me about the not so Sexy E-book Pirates!! So for now Remember

Be The Type of Person That When Your feet Hit the Floor in the morning the Devil Screams SHIT she's/he's up!!!!!

Love, Lust, and Lolly Pops



  1. I love that "So for now Remember Be The Type of Person That When Your feet Hit the Floor in the morning the Devil Screams SHIT she's/he's up!!!!!" LOL

    Thanks for talking to us...the voices inside your head that now leave comments on your blog :-)


  2. I have been enjoying your comments since I joined yahoo group Blake-Deveraux. This will just give me more things to love and laugh with you. I love the same authors that you have on here. I will be checking this blog out more often.