Monday, February 22, 2010

Not So Sexy E-book Pirates

March 1st some Wonderful writers and people i consider friends are releasing an Anthology Call "Stealing My Heart" Thus named because the proceeds will go to putting a stop to E-book Theft and help educate the people out there that Astatalk,Demonoid and the likes are Literally Stealing the hearts of hearts. All these wonderful books that we love and adore are someones heart. They pour their hearts and souls into what they write and people upload these books to these sites and don't think about how much money is being lost daily by doing it. its not just one book here and there 20-30 books add up after a times. A lot of these writers are parents with kids who are looking Hundreds of Dollars daily by these actions. Its Not like you saying OMG Sue i read this great book here borrow it and tell me what you think.. Electronic books are not like paperbacks you can't just give them away. I am also seeing what people fail to realize is the government is cracking down on this and it isnt the companies that are being handed Jail time and Fines its the little people doing the downloading. Believe it or not You will get caught You will face Jail time and You will have to pay a Fine for every single fine you downloaded and or shared. Its just a matter of time. These Hosting sites have pissed off enough people who are now doing something. Everyone and everything on these sites are reported to the government and if you push the government hard enough they will start going after the little people. I am not perfect and I will tell anyone who asks that i am a reformed Pirate. I didnt know i was hurting people. Maybe because i can put faces to the names on these books that it matters to me or maybe i just woke up and realized i wouldnt want People taking something i worked hard to do and give it away. would you like to see your hard earned money stolen from your pay check? i mean Taxes Rob us enough as it is. I attached the cover to the new Book at the top of my rant. The very hot and sexy Cover Models Name is Adam Killian. He donated His time and Energy to pose for the cover for Free Because He cares For the Cause. Do you care enough to help too??

The Book will be Out March First at

Carol Lynn can be found at the following Places

AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly can be found at

Jambrea Jo Jones
Stephani Hecht as well as the others can be found at the same publishing companies as well


  1. Well said Silver! Heck yes! I care enough to help. These wonderful authors have started the ball rolling to create awareness, now it's up to the rest of us to educate and continue raising awareness.


  2. Thanks Cyn it means alot to me that you posted

  3. Well said Silver! I'll be posting something similar on my LJ blog. As a fanfic-reader & proofer, this (piracy/plagarism) issue has come up several times - and has caused major wangst in the fandoms. And that's for free - it's even worse (IMO) when it's a book you're supposed to pay for, and that is supposed to pay the authors' bills.

  4. Excellent blog Silver! And you're so right that we, who enjoy the books that these talented authors write, have to do something; even if it's to write a letter.

    Someone has to pay... and those who feel that they can have what they want for free, that they're entitled, well, they need to learn that uploading ebooks that you haven't paid for is theft, plain and simple.

    You go girl!