Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Personal Review of After Arsenic and Rio by DJ Manly


If the person you loved most in this world was ordered to poison you to death by a sick Sadomasochistic idiot could you forgive him? This is a Question Angelo's has to ask himself when he has to return to try and keep a maniac in jail. Seeing Marshall again after years had passed reinforced that he never really gotten over the man. Marshall has tried to move on with his life. He thought he had done a fairly good job with it too. Opening his own art store. Buying a house with his lover of 2 yrs. He knew he would never get over his angel but he had to try. When the person who caused them all this pain might make parole than escapes prison they get a second chance at being together. Or Do they??? Well I aint telling!! You are going to have to go to

or to get this book and find out what happens. I however suggest you read Arsenic and Rio first because I think it will give you a better understanding into the why of some things. I however never do anything the easy way and read the last book first. DJ is a Master story teller. Weaving Love lust hot man sexy and romance into a heart wrenchingly awesome story. He is one of my top 5 favorites. He is another writer that I truly believe could never write a bad book. If you want a good tear jerking nail biting suspense. DJ will take you places you didn't think you could go. I cannot recommend this book enough! You have to go out and Read it!! It is as are any of DJ's books a MUST MUST MUST READ!



Love Lust and Lolly pops




  1. Hi Silver,

    I feel the same way about D.J. Manly's writing. I call it my roller-Coaster books. I go thru such a gamma of emotion every time and he is genius with his mastery with words.

    I am currently reading a few of D.J's books, never in my lifetime have I read more than 1 book at once, but with D.J. it's impossible to leave one to sit while you read another. A little bit of everything thank you very much! lol


  2. Guess I best start getting these books huh? LOL Just can't get caught up on all my books.

  3. Oh my darling Cinders i cant catch up either but thats ok its fun trying sometimes