Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Personal Review of Paden A.J Llewellyn’s Last Book in the Phantom Lover Series

This for me has been and will be the hardest book I have ever tried to review. Not because the Book was bad. Honestly AJ Llewellyn couldn't ever write a bad book but because the book plain and simply just took my breath away. The Love that you find in the entire series is fundamentally earth shaking. You don't not see that kind of unconditional love in many family's or relationships this day and age often. To understand what I mean you will have to read the 14 other books that lead in Paden. I also do not want to give a lot away either. This is one of those series of books you have to read from the start to understand how we got to where we are now. However the short and sweet of it is simply what a true fathers love is capable of. Paden is Lopaka's Father a man thought to have abandoned him. (You will see in earlier books that our darling Lopaka has abandonment issues that are not unwarranted) Paden's sudden and much needed return into his life was brief but a promise that he made at the end of Na Hiku. A promise he would have given up his immortality to keep. His love for his family was so deep that he was given a chance to keep his promise and save the lives of the family he had come to love more than his own life. Now without giving anything else away I want to say something on a more personal note. This Book took my breath away. All of A.J's books are breath takenly beautiful but this one made my heart ache and at times really had me worried. The ending was as I had hoped. Open enough so that AJ can as I hope he will keep weaving tales of Paden's second chance with his family and with love now that he has accepted who and what he is. I expect to see Paden grow into himself and his powers. AJ is now and always will be at least in my own heart the keeper of Secrets and teller of tales.


Thank You again AJ for yet another wonderful book that is sure to be Number one on that charts as it is in the hearts of all of your beloved readers



Cover Model Adam Killian (Also Paden on AJ's books)


  1. Beautifully written.

    I am looking forward to reading the whole series, AJ Llewellyn is an amazing writer and friend.


  2. Dear Silver,

    Thank you for the beautiful review. I am so glad you enjoyed Paden. I love this review. Thank you for "getting" the book - and the series.