Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Thought

There is honestly very little in this world that pisses me off... I am a fairly easy going person. I can live with the fact that not everyone will agree me and that I can live peacefully with that... However I have sadly learned something over the last 3months.... I AM NOT NORMAL!!! Ok I honestly knew that already but my parenting and mothering skills have been thrown into the mix as well... Let me give a little background. About 3 months or so ago I returned to a Parenting Board called CafĂ© Mom. Now over all it’s an ok place for moms to hang out but I left for about a year because of stupid people. When I say leave I just logged out and never logged in... Well in that time I got to know a lot of woman who love Gay erotic fiction, started chatting with writers of Gay Erotic Fiction and opened a Twitter account were I met and chat with a lot of wonderful gay men. So I was under the impression because I knew so many women like me that we are normal.... For heavens knows why I decided to log back in after a yr away. All I can say is HOLY FKING shit!!! I have never seen so many closed minded backwards, Ignorant mothers in the world... They hate my half naked men, they hate my writing I was told that I was a sophomoric writing hack... Now I know I will never never never ever have the talent or the Skill that Writers like AJ Llewellyn, DJ Manly, Carol Lynne, JP Bowie and John Simpson have but damn it I am good!!! There are woman on that board who do nothing but misquote the bible and spread hate and crap... They have gone out of their way to make sure that anyone of the mom's on this board who are Lesbians or Bi are discredited and run off... The Mod's hands are tied and the Admins ignore them because rumor has it this place is run by Anglo Christians with closed minds. These women have made me feel like because I encourage my children to love who they want to love and to be open minded and accepting of all people that I am bad. Or because I don't view Porn as the end of the world... I said something and I mean it... IF any of kids grow up to be Porn stars or Strippers I am ok with it... Is it what I want for them No... Do I know the hazards of the Jobs yes... Do I feel that if they know someone is in their corner supporting them they might make better choices yes? I ask myself often why I stay... I stay because I refuse to let anyone chase me away and I have some wonderful friends there... I just hate hate hate how these women can make me feel sometimes. I personally would love to stick it to CM and these women by overrunning the place with Gays and Lesbians and give them a run for their mommy and to show them how wrong they are... The Straw that broke the Camel’s back for me today was I posted some Commercials about how Same sex Marriage have the same issues as regular Marriage.. I called it The Problem With Same Sex Marriage (click this link you should be able to see it without joining Most of the comments where wonderful until this one and I have removed the names to protect the ignorant
"The problem with Gay Marriage is....There is no commitment. Nuff said : ) Most homosexuals may be married yet are in other beds with another and either don't see a problem with it".
Now let’s be serious that is the stupidest, ignorant statement I have ever heard. This group and some of these woman are just *grrrr* now yes I know that this is online I have the power to control this but I mean their hate and ignorance just saps my will to chat!!

Enough Ranting thanks for listening



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