Monday, April 13, 2009

12am and Cant Sleep!

It's not my fault sleep is not something i know about!!! At random times in my life no matter how tired i am i cant sleep.. This seems to be one of those times. I have been pondering life's message and i am sorry to say i think i deleted the message on my machine or i was out and missed it. I don't care how Corney this sounds but my obsession with Gay Erotic fiction leads to to believe that either in another life i was a Homosexual Man or i am out of touch with my male side.. then again How in the Hell is a 35yr woman out of touch with her male side I mean do we even have one.. This whole post BTW is going to be nothing but mindless rants.. I have a lot of them tonight sorry deal. I am also pondering selling my children on the black market or at least the over active ones.. will post more later when spring break really begins to kill me.. its only Monday i shouldn't be wishing them back to school yet. done make me even start in on my almost 8month old... speaking if that i feel old and fat or is that fat and old.. I have never been a super model but i know there is something missing in my life.. I use to turn heads and get cat calls.. Now all i hear is beeping noises cause of my fat ass. my fiance is of no help after 7yrs He is blinded by sex.. notice i said sex no love.. Good gravy i can give you posts on sex and my lack of wanting it unless its 2 men in a book and i can be watching.. OK OK OK enough random madness. please feel free to leave posts or hate mail.. i love hate mail

Don't Hate me because i am Beautiful
Hate me Cause Your SO though so cause i do this thing
with my tongue.


  1. I dont know that this counts as hate mail..really just more of a question. But what the hell does this "sentence" mean?

    "Don't Hate me because i am Beautiful
    Hate me Cause Your SO though so cause i do this thing
    with my tongue."

    I'm just not really sure what it could possibly mean. Did you accidentally leave words out? Or am I truly missing something?

  2. You know I have a friend who writes Gay Erotic Fiction. You should check out his work AJ Llewellyn.


  3. Sarah that sentence was meant as a joke in the 80's it use to be Dont hate me because I'm beautiful.. i just took it and ran with it.. the reference to the tongue was an Oral Sex joke and when i say SO i mean Husband, Boyfriend,girlfriend it was meant jokingly.

    Mila- I have spoken too and read extensively both AJ's and DJ's work and i adore both of them a lot.. They are Good people along with many other writers i am blessed to be friends with