Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Working Mind of a Mother of 4

I think that Twitter is the bane of its own exsistance!! Because of Twitter i have gotten to know Porn Stars Go Go Dancers and Rent Boys. I have learned a great many things since my introduction to Twitter!! I keep in touch with writers i love and i wonder often if i boarder on stalking. Because of Twitter and my out going nature to want to get to know people i am writing my first book ever. Any ways the name of this Blog is The Working mind of a mother of 4. yes i am 35 and i have 4 wonderful heathen like children. Each has their own personality and makes be wonder about their future. I think i can accurately guess what each of my kids are going to be when they grow up.. Not saying that it will change or that i am wrong but i am the type of mom who swears i will love them unconditionally. But i have been thinking about that can i love a child without conditions? I want to say Yes I can. But sadly i am not sure its true.. Will i love them if they are Ax Murderers.. Yes they are my babies of course.. I wont love what they did but i love the child that i bore and raised. Will I love them if they become strippers, Go Go Dancers Porn stars, Gay straight or bi or whatever.. WITHOUT a doubt and if they work with or get to know anyone i am lusting over more the merrier. My rant about Twitter was for a reason. I have learned something about people and parenting. 1. I AM NOT Normal!! I use to not be ok with that. but i am now why because despite what many churches want to tell me or brain wash me to believe. God No matter his or her name loves everyone without condition Like a parent should. I will never say i love only if your or you do..... I love you despite the fact you drive me nuts, ignore me and act like you know it all. 2. How do Gay men really feel about all these straight woman fawning over them.. I have befriended writers, porn stars, Etc and i wonder sometimes how many of them think i am just a silly straight mom with no life.. Does it matter to them that straight woman love Gay porn? That we make up a good chunk of their sales? sadly these are things i wonder about.. i know somewhere in here i said i wasn't normal. that's my rant.. and what is in the mind of this mom of 4. I promise my blogs will get better the more i do it. Love me or hate me i am what i am and i am nutters


  1. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone :-) I have those same questions. My dear I knew I wasn't "normal" for a long time. All we can do is be strong enough to live our lives the way we want to and stand for what we believe in. We can only make this a better place by teaching ourselves and our children that we can set our own rules/principals about what is "normal" and stand by those rules/principals. Love, Respect, receive what you put out there. Thank you for befriending me, you are an amazing woman and look forward to more of your "ranting" and your writing.

    Gros Bisou,

  2. *Hugs* from one very much not 'normal' person to another.
    I love you just the way you are and I'm sure many others do, too.

    *more hugs*,

  3. Love you my friend. Keep going. Keep doing. Keep writing whatever you can. Keep those who love you updated.