Thursday, October 29, 2009

DJ Manly Admiration Association

Its time to Put someone else in the spotlight and show my undying Admiration. This time around its DJ Manly!!! Oh were to start. Lets start with The Whispered his latest book. I also want to admit a few things.. I was reading DJ's Books Long before I started on AJ's. I found AJ through DJ with their Black Point books. I loved DJ's books. They were thought provoking sexy as hell and i got my happily ever after. The Whispered i think was and i could be wrong and i have been up for almost 36hrs now so Please be gentle if i am wrong his first attempt at paranormal. I was Griped in suspense and i pride myself on figuring out Who Done it and I was not only surprised but stunned at the fact i was wrong.. i figured out some small things but over all i was wrong. I also know that DJ is hard at work on more books and Moving into his first house. So DJ You are Truly a Gifted writer and I hope that my blog will at the very least brings you a small Smile

Silver pixie


  1. DJ is indeed awesome. He is off line until early next week but I'm going to visit him this weekend...he will be touched by the post. Love the Batman and Robin stuff!


  2. DJ, I was a slow convert. I have enjoyed many of your books and am slowly working my way through all of them. Your books are working their way through my heart and I am looking forward to many more enjoyable hours reading your stories. Good luck moving in and have fun with AJ this weekend.

  3. Thank you guys! I am Batman by the way...a little delusional but hey...