Friday, October 23, 2009

AJ Llewellyn Admiration Association

Oh were is a girl to start!!! A.J Llwewllyn ( is a Handsome, Sweet, energetic, talented, silly, smart and gifted writer!! That's just a few of the wonderful things about him.. I have brought everything i can that he has written. I don't have everything yet but i am working on it. He is one in a million. He Loves His readers. He Cares and not like some who just humor us when they run into us in chat or in groups. He Loves the love and affection we give. He encourages us to send him trinkets and gifts and is overly enthusiastic when he gets treats. His writing.. That is something else all together. He has a love and Respect for Hawaii that is borderline obsession. When he writes about the islands, the places and the people your right there with him. I want to give an example of how much he cares about is readers and i don't mean to embarrass him but this was something he did for me. He went to Hawaii and told everyone that he was taking a offering to Pele. I emailed him and asked him if it wasn't to much trouble if he would take her an offering as well as i was having a hard time at that time and i could use all the blessings i could get. He emailed me back and said he would be honored and to write a note to include. Long story short Not only did he take mine he ended up with alot of other peoples. He took a picture of the offerings and emailed it to me. Its the background of both my laptops. It reminds me everyday that there are people who say when they mean and do as they say. its silly but its one of the many many things i Admire about Him. So this Blog is Devoted to Him.. want to Join the Rest of us who Admire and Love AJ? Pipe up tell me why you love him. AJ - You are not only a wonderful Man your are a wonderful writer and person and i wish nothing but love and blessings for you!! Oh and Many many Many Cupcakes!!

The offering to Pele..


  1. I want to join the Admiration Association for AJ. I love all of his books. He is so sweet and fun and caring. LOVE you Dear Heart.

  2. Yep, I agree. AJ is all of those things and a big ole bag of chips.

  3. Silver, I couldn't agree more, A.J. is wonderful!

  4. AJ has such a refreshing sense of humor! It is nice to be able tweet with a published author who makes the time for his fans and peers.

    I can only describe AJ as a refreshing breath of cool Hawaiian air. He is down to earth. He has a good sense of who he is and he hasn't let 'stardom' go to his head.

    I was first introduced to him via a promotional chat room chat with other m/m authors well over a year ago. Though at the time, I hadn't heard of him, he represented himself and his craft well.

    Being an aspiring writer myself it pleased me that he took the time and answered all my novice questions. I was kinda blown away that a professional published author took the time to encourage me.

    Over the year, I have seen him in various other chats and other promotional venues. I try to respect him and not pepper him with questions like I did that first time. Currently, I have most of his books, which I immensely enjoy.

    I think what I admire most about AJ, is his respect for those around him.

    Authors today have to be so careful what they say and how they type the words. With the Internet as the prime source of communication, one has to take in account that body language, tone of voice and facial expressions aren't accompanying the words typed. If one is not careful, one small mistaken comment can become a snowball from hell.

    Allow me a moment to give an example: one M/M author who last year put out an exceptional romance book (her first) went on to do some editing for an anthology.

    Unfortunately, she chose several times to vent her frustration regarding the submissions clearly showing a lack of professionalism and respect to the authors. This was done over the Internet, on her website, blogs, IM and of course, twitter.

    Now, this author has every right to vent out pent up frustration, but not at the sake of shaming those who had submitted stories that just weren’t good enough for her –ON THE INTERNET – for all to read. I felt embarrassed for the authors. As for her, I was ashamed over the ass she had shown herself to be – especially in front of her peers and fan base.

    This ablation disrespect to her fellow authors (as well as her readers) caused me to loose total respect for her. I refuse to buy any of her books now, whether written or edited by her.

    On the other hand, I have NEVER heard AJ disrespect anyone on the Internet in front of millions to read. Add to that, I have yet to hear anyone say something even remotely rotten about him - no hissy fits or disillusions of grander (though I hear an occasional flame off can be expected, but not directed, at anyone in particular.) I am well acquainted with one of his writing partners - a sister in GDRWA, Stephani Hecht (who is a total sweetheart in her own right.) She has nothing but glowing reports to say about him as well.

    AJ Llewellyn is one helluva class act all around. I am proud to be a fan of his and I hope one day to meet him at a convention so I may shake his hand and say thank you for being you.

    Air kisses*****

    George Allwynn - aspiring m/m author

  5. Hey everyone, thanks so much for the awesome comments. I love and adore you all. Thanks!
    George! WOW!


  6. PS I want to add that Stephani Hecht is a total sweetheart and I love working with her. Thank you all again!


  7. Hey Silver... what a great tribute to a guy who is genuine and NICE with a capital "N".
    And yep, I too, want to join the AJ Llewellyn Admiration Association .. you go girl!

  8. I just love and adore AJ because he is so thoughtful,caring and genuine. He shares his time and life with us, is very respectful to us and truly listens to what we have to say . He is a very special person and a fantastic writer. I VERY DEFINATELY WILL join the AJ Llewellyn Admiration Association...he has become a very special person to me and I wish him all the blessings, health and happiness in the world!!!

  9. Yup, no question about it...I am joining the AJ Llewelly Admiration Association :-)

    Karma, spiritually speaking AJ is meant for great things. He can make someone's day with just a couple of words. His thoughtfulness and ability to care for others is incredible. His talent extends beyond writing and I am so thankful to have had a chance to get to know him thru his journey.

    Gros Bisou,