Sunday, August 2, 2009


my picture has nothing to do with school i just like him his
tats and His nipple rings i wanna tread my tounge through them and tug tug tug till someone moans!! Anyways to the point at hand.. School!! some Love it some Hate it currerntly right now i am Praying for it!!!! Damn it!!! School starts here THANKFULLY in a few weeks.. Aug 24 or 25th to be exact!! I am living for the Quiet Mornings ( even with the 1yr she turns one on the 24th) and time to myself.. Thats sad really i dont have time to me!! I get stalked by children.. i can take baths alone, i cant pee alone someone is always following me!! hell i dont even sleep without a kids ( dont start on me about how i need to get thm out my bed i need to get out of theirs one sleeps with daddy the other has me sleep with her and she cant even sleep all night) I just did a run of EEGs with my 7yr and cant wait to see if the test tells me what a crappy mom i am for not realizing that she spaces out and not ignores adults. This will also get us Ammo to get her put in 2nd grade were i think she belongs she is too smart to hold back she will torture her teacher and other kids!!! i am kinda liking the blogging but i dont know if anyone wants to read it.. i blog about silly shit it seems.. i dont know the only follower i have is me!! yes somehow i linked my AOL to my Gmail here so i am now my own best Friend.. i tried to make a Google webpage!!! i cant get it to show all the pages do i am about to scrap it and use yahell but i dont like yahell.. its idiot proof but i am running out of address to use there.. anyways enjoy the eye candy if nothing else.. i am learning this blogging thing.. post hate mail or whatever i like comments even if its to tell me to shut up..


  1. Silver, you keep on writing and I'll keep on reading. You and Blake's group have kept me sane over the last 3 weeks even though I mostly lurk. Some days it seems you're posts and pics are all I have had to smile about.

  2. Silver I love your ramblings. Please take that as a compliment not a complaint. You keep up the blogging and I'll keep reading.